About Lalibela

Proudly serving Dallas TX For 10 years and running, we pride our self on serving the best tasting ethiopian food in town.


Took my sister who’d never had Ethiopian but who was willing to try something new and she loved it, as did I. A tad hard to find, but worth the effort.  Tiny, cute, good and cheap!  I’ll go back.
Wayne R

I’ve taken several friends to Lalibela over the past three years, and have never once been disappointed. On several ocassions the owner/chef has made a friendly visit to our table and remembered me from previous visits.
The food is great. I would suggest the meat and vegetarian combination Wots. On a few ocassions, they’ve even been watching Ethiopian news on the television, which makes for an even more authentic encounter.
Tim W.Dallas, TX

Ethiopian food is definitely an acquired taste. That said, if you are willing to try new things this place is awesome. You eat with your hands and use this spongy bread thing that sort of looks like a towel when it’s brought out to you but it’s the staple of the meal. We ordered 4 dishes for 4 people, it was a little too much. All the dishes were good but if you want to try a little of everything the combo platter was a good choice. Off the top of my head there was the beef dishes were better than the others. There was a spicy lamb dish that was a bit strong but good if you like strong flavored lamb dishes haha.

Very hole in the wall place. Good service, no one there, overall decent experience,
would I go back again? yes
would I recommend to people? yes
Quincy L.Allen, TX

I was visiting Dallas and craving Ethiopian Food so I looked at Yelp for a recommendation.
I LOVED this place.  The food was excellent and very reasonably priced.  Great veggie combo.
Our server was so nice- she even gave me a coffee on the house when she noticed me yawning.  It made my ride back to Austin a breeze.
Electric Lemonade T. Austin, TX

So delicious that it’s addictive! Great food, great service, great price!
RL D.Dallas, TX